Gierrillia marketing

These days’ communication and advertising is everywhere. Who does not listen to me now, will listen to me tomorrow. And if he still does not listen, then I penetrate him with my messages over again tomorrow. True to the motto: 'If you do not want to hear, you just have to suffer.' And so it goes in marketing strategies still only about gaining as much range and high frequency. But it doesn’t work anymore like it used to be a few years ago. People are overloaded and just don’t want to listen or look at it anymore, they just overlook it and does not pay attention anymore.

Guerrilla marketing is one of the strategies in marketing which is successfully used by more and more companies. Originally guerrillia marketing was known as a low budget and unconventional marketing strategy, which made use of sticker bombing, graffiti as well as posters that all were put illegally. Today companies that make use of this marketing strategy also use viral marketing and spread via internet. This is mostly done in social communities and networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. There the companies promote through groups to reach their exact target group. To reach these mostly young customer groups the marketing industry uses strategies for example like viral marketing campaigns, as well as flash mobs. 

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